The Rainbow Clans

Meet the RainbowClans! YellowClan, RedClan, PurpleClan, BlueClan and GreenClan! Each clan represents a different colour of eyes, pelt and types of territory.
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 Cat Creation Rules and Template

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PostSubject: Cat Creation Rules and Template   Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:17 pm

The only rule is, it depends on what clan you choose for your appearance. If you chose BlueClan, you have blueish coloured fur and blue eyes. RedClan, red pelts and orange eyes. You can choose the colours, but stay within the coloration. Also, you don't have to be a natural coloured cat. Have a pure blood red pelt, for all I care!
Also, you can start as any rank you want! PM me if you'd like to be a Medicine Cat, or deputy. (Leader Poisitions are filled)

Cat's Name:

Tom or she-cat:

Clan: (underline chosen clan) RedClan -- BlueClan -- YellowClan -- GreenClan -- PurpleClan



Mother and Father:

Rank you wish to start at: (Does not include Deputy or Medicine Cat. You can sign up for those in Special Rank Sign ups.)

How many books have you read of Warriors?:

Favorite Warriors Characters:
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Cat Creation Rules and Template
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